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284 vampy black leather and eye makeup

Create Your Own Face Creams and Body Butters

Handcrafted facial creams and body butters are fun, easy and empowering to make. With the holiday season upon us, delight family and friends alike with your signature moisturizing cream creations. Give them away in a gift basket or create sets from a mishmash of tempting creams and butters…

283 Army style Pants-SO CUTE for summer

Information On Mother Of Groom Dresses

That special day is approaching when you son is to be married. Do you have all of the information you need to choose from the wide selection of mother of groom dresses available? Read more about this here . . . . . In all of the excitement of...

282 Louis Vuitton.

An Introductory Guide to Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleaner

There are a lot of facial cleansers on the market. Some people even use soap - I wouldn't recommend that. However, I have found that Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser is something that really stands out. A lot of cleansers seem to dry out your skin,...

281 cute

The Best All-Natural Acne Treatments

If you suffer from acne, all natural products are definitely the best solution. They contain no harsh chemicals (which can worsen the acne) like some store-bought brands and treatments, and can easily be made within the privacy of your own home....

280 An 1830s 15 ct Gold Forget-Me-Not Mourning Ring. Circa 1835.

15 Ways to Use Olive Oil in Your Beauty Routine

Did you know that olive oil isn't just for cooking? Here are fifteen ways you can use it in your beauty routine.

279 mountain vacation

The Leather Bomber Jacket

The leather bomber jacket has been popular wear for almost 100 years. It has a long and colorful history.

278 work outfit

Chain Necklace Types

There are various types of chain necklace. They range in size and sty A serpentine necklace has links that are in the shape of an S and lay next to one another. There are two rows of links of this nature. A cable necklace chain has links that...

277 Nicolas Andreas Taralis S/S 2013

Mens Lingerie

Lingerie is not just for women, men like to look hot and sexy too! Lingerie for men will help you show off all your best features. So whether you want to accentuate your broad shoulders with a silk robe, or show of your rock hard bottom in a thong,...

276 A detacher spring 2014

Lehenga Style Sarees

The Lehenga style Saree is normally 4.5meters to 5.5 meters long. The method of draping it is quite simple; in fact itis easier than draping a regular Saree. The plain end of the Saree is tuckedinto the in skirt, making one complete round,...

275 Thanksgiving and Fall Nail Art Designs for 2012

Mystical "Lost in Elysium" Photo Shoot of Simon Gao’s Latest Line

In a playful, mystical, ethereal story, photographer Teresa Yeh unveiled a line of designer Simon Gao in very compelling and memorable fashion, with a collection named "Lost in Elysium." Using light, mist and shadow as a tool, Yeh captured model...

273 Cute look with shorts and tights

Makeup Tips for the Over 40 Girl

For the mid-life woman, makeup application takes a bit more work than it did in your younger years. Basic makeup essential you need are an eye cream (preferably a de-puffing one), a nice thick face cream/moisturizer (for day wear), a concealer stick...

272 Wedges for outdoor weddings and receptions so your heels don't get stuck in the grass!

Lipstick : 7 Lipstick Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Lipstick, a cosmetic just put on and go. Fairly natural!! But think, there are some things that you can do to last your lip colors and get the most lip colors. Find some of the best tips and tricks.  A lipstick tube Choosing the...

271 Website For Discount Tory Burch! Super Cheap! Only $78!

Cheap Wedding Gowns: Where to Find Them

Discount bridal gowns that are chic and not cheap-looking do exist. Don't max out your credit card for something you will probably wear only once unless you are marrying a millionaire. Just because you're losing your last name doesn't mean you have to lose your common sense too.

270 Alice + Olivia

Where To Buy Girdle For Men

Are you searching for the best girdle for your body? Do you need some help in locating stores that will cater your need? If yes then this article will be helpful for you because it contains some tips in finding girdles for men. Girdles for men...

269 Ring bling.

So Hot It's Cool: Street Style with an African-American Flava

As an African-American woman I've been exposed and influenced by a lot of different looks my culture has created and popularized but I've never been as excited by a look as fun as the one called kuro gyaru in Japan where "gal units" dress like African-American r'n'b artists. It's fun, cool and sexy. I look forward to it taking off in the U.S..

268 Pink and silver

Choosing Anti Aging Moisturizer, Ingredients To Look For

Choosing the right anti aging moisturizer for your skin depends on knowing the ingredients to look for and what they do, so check out our guide today.

267 j.crew

Make your own Brooch Bouquet

Once upon a time brooch bouquets were a wedding thing. Not any more. Make your own brooch bouquet from any jewellery for any occasion.

266 October Breeze - Fash Boulevard

Where to Buy Cufflinks Online

Cufflinks are really making a comeback in 2011 and they make great personalised gifts for the guy or girl who has everything!

305 knee highs and coffee

Yves Saint Laurent French Fashion Designer

One of Fashion's Greatest Names Popularly known as Yves Saint Laurent, Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint Laurent was a fashion designer from France and one of fashion history's greatest names. In the year nineteen eighty-five, it was reported that...

304 Dragon Earring Studs Uncovet

How to make your own natural lip balm

Learn how to make your very own yummy lip balm. These recipes are easy and inexpensive. The best part is that they are chemical free and you know exactly what you are putting on your lips.


East Coast Tans: A Small Business in Virginia

East Coast Tans is a small business that has been around for over a decade. Competitive pricing and great customer service have kept it going.

302 Green chiffon and lace Evening Dress ca. 1906-08 by Sarah Fullerton Monteith Young

09' Men Fashion Trends

For men making a fashion statement doesnâ??t come as easy asit does for women, a lot of men are not willing to think outside that fashionbox. Some men donâ??t want to try different colors, patterns or materials,however 09â?? fashion trends allows...

301 Graphic Maxi Skirt

Best Natural Face Masks

Although there are many resources for face treatment and skin care, we should not forget about Mother Nature.

300 pastels

Wranglers for every occasion

If you are like my brother-in-law, wearing Wranglers is like wearing deodorant. He rarely leaves the house without wearing sporting either of them. True, it gets warm in California, especially during the summer. And I'm sure he gets even hotter than...

299 Washer engraved key chain embellished with different beads: by Capezza Designs Jewelry

Nutria - Guilt Free Fur For Today's Fashions

Fur is making a comeback with many designers using it in their collections. Luxury never goes out of fashion, and fur with its versatility and inherent characteristics, is sold as an investment.

298 sweater with elbow patches Tory Burch Riding boots and coach purse. Fall fashion 2013 - Review by terryandco!!

Having recently purchased a diamond engagement ring from I have written this review to share with you all what kind of buying experience I had. My reason for sharing the information is because that when I searched the interne I...

297 Follow Directions Dress #stripes #striped dress #black #grey

Bay Colony Nail Salon in Dickinson, Texas

If you're looking for a good nail salon in the Dickinson/League City area of Texas, this is the place to go! They offer full service manicures and pedicures that will leave you relaxed and with gorgeous nails.

296 Simple and cute!

Wearing Sun Hats For Cancer Protection Especially In The Desert

A great sun hat for protection from harmful UV rays is a necessity in the desert Southwest in the U.S. The sun is hot and relentless and more intense than in other parts of the country, making a great sun hat a necessity. They most dangerous melanoma that occurs on the scalp and neck may even be prevented by wearing a good sun hat.

295 Dress

Kim Kardashian Makeup Tips & Organizer

Look sexy and beautiful with Kim Kardashian Makeup Tips.Find out about Kim Kardashian's Makeup tips and routine to get those smokey eyes...

292 Vince Camuto Leila Shoulder Bag

Simple Steps to Make Your Eye Make Up Stand Out

There are very simple steps you can take to make your eyes stand out. You can skip a few steps for eye makeup appropriate for the office. The you can add a few steps for eye's that shine in a dark dance club.

291 simple!

Missoni Italian Fashion

Italian Fashion Brand Missoni, founded in 1953, has a magical artistic alchemy always at the top of contemporary fashion design. 60 Years of Missoni Fashion.

290 Lacy long sleeve dress

How to Lighten Your Skin - Naturally

Learn how to lighten your skin with natural skin bleaching using ingredients found in your pantry and fridge.Of course, the basis for all good skin care is what you eat.

289 CARRY BAG TRIANGLE by bookhouathome on Etsy $110.00

Face primer or foundation primer on a budget

great drugstore alternative to face primers!!!                                  Alot of us these days are on a budge

288 #booties

Heart Shaped Diamond Ring - Symbol of Endless Love

Heart Shaped Diamond Ring is a Symbol of endless love and romance. It is a preferred Jewelry for Marriage, Engagement, Valentines Day and Birthday Gift for a beloved.

287 Love when I find inspiration and I have all the pieces to the outfit already!!!!!

How to have Stronger Nails? Try Sally Hansen Miracle Cure

I had really soft nails until I tried Sally Hansen miracle cure nail treatment. It really does work although you might have to try it for a little longer than the 3 day experiment

286 Perfect way to wear a skirt for fall!

Open a Pandora Box! Charm Bracelets for Christmas

Charms for charm bracelets are a great Christmas gift idea and even more so when the charms are a memory of a special Christmas spent together. Pandora Christmas charms are safe but inspired jewelry to buy for the special woman or girl in your...

285 Arm Knitting Scarf (Tutorial included)

Diamonds made from ashes

A diamond is forever" is the well known slogan from DeBeers, the most prominent diamond producer of the world. The slogan can be interpreted in different ways. From a romantic point of view, it can symbolize the bond between two enamored couples...

274 Pretty

"How to Have a Healthy Summer?" Part 2: The Basic Facts About UV Rays and Sunscreens

Know the Basics about Ultraviolet Rays and How important Sunscreens are not just for hitting the Beach, but also for Day-to-Day activities.

294 dress

Twilight Apparel - Buy Twilight Clothes Online

Twilight is one of the fastest growing phenomena's ever to exist within pop culture; not even five years ago had the population medium heard of Twilight; and now it's everywhere. From the best selling books to midnight movie line ups, Twilight is...

293 Abby Coat

Men's Rainbow Flip-Flop Sandals: Single and Double Stack

Men's Rainbow sandals are some of the hottest-selling spring and summer footwear for the guys, and understandably so - they have a special "memory foam" footbed that makes them comfortable, they're made extra strong (with a great warrantee) and -...

228 brilliant!

Batiste the Best Dry Shampoo

Why I recommend Batiste dry shampoo.

227 Cocoa Scallop Wool Sun Hat//

Men's Wide Leg Jeans

One of those things that seems to goin and out of style every few years are men's wide leg jeans. Theyhave been adopted by several different subcultures in many differentcountries. Men's wide leg jeans have had many different namesthroughout...

226 party outfit - adorable!

Hada Labo - Super Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid - 1 Sold Every 4 Seconds in Japan - Product Review

Hada Labo is a popular moisturizing skin care range that uses hyaluronic acid, a powerful hydrating ingredient. This hub is a product review of Hada Labo's moisturizing lotion and moisturizing milk.

225 maxi look

Why you should buy kandi bracelets

So listen up all you kandi kids out there with an attitude?!  I thought you practiced PLUR which stands for Peace Love Unity and Respect and yet when a new kandi kid shows up at the clubs you many times make fun of their kandi bracelets.  So why...

224 Chocolate Brown Rider Boot

Treating my teenager's acne with Niapads

I discovered a simple, effective way to keep my teenager's acne away with Niapads. One simple 5-minute step and that's all it takes.

223 Coil Ring.

Best Anti Aging Wrinkle Cream Product Review 2012

The most amazing new ways to look younger now. Looking younger is difficult with the damage from sun and the environment is believed to be the number one cause of skin aging. This damage affects collagen and elastin resulting in a loss of firmness and smoothness, the appearance of dark spots and discolorations, the formation of lines and wrinkles, and other aging signs.

221 La Lune Tank

A Hairdressers I won't be visiting again - Ania's Hair and Beauty in Cardiff

Ania's Hair and Beauty is a salon situated in the Splott area of Cardiff. I went for treatments there using a voucher but sadly will not be returing again, and am glad I never paid full price. This is an honest and sadly negative review of Ania's Hair Salon

220 Southern Comfort + Shy Boutique by

A List Of Pink Glitter Nail Polish In Different Shades

Pink is one of the prettiest and delicate colors. It's gorgeous when it comes in a glitter. Check out these pretty pink glitter nail polishes.

219 layers on top .. looks cozy

The Essentials of Good Grooming.

Your appearance has a great impact on your life. People judge you by the way you present yourself. This is a fact that you can not escape. Some people turn to fashion magazines or go to a hairstylist for advice. If you haven't been practicing personal hygiene, you should start incorporating this into your daily routine. Not only will you be able to develop a good self image, but you will feel more confident about yourself overall.

218 Purple knee high leather boots

How To Dress Like Mad Men

Mad Men has established itself as the most stylish show on television. Here's some tips for achieving the same classic style as Don Draper and company.

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