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250 Classic Egyptian Queen Slave Bracelet

Laser Acne Scar Removal Cost and Treatment Options

While acne is not a life-threatening disease in itself, it can have a devastating effect on one's quality of life. Fortunately, there are many treatments available that can be very effective in removing scars from your face and body.. ...

191 loli (looks like Steampunk to me!)

Under $20 Homemade Wedding Veil

A quick look into how to make your own wedding veil for a fraction of the cost. This is one example on how to take a fancy look and make it your own.


Lose Cellulite Fast

It is the one thing that every women is scared of waking up to. Nine out of ten women wake up to find they have cellulite at some stage. you may notice you have cellulite thighs or celluite on your legs before noticing it elsewhere. What does...

189 Patina Square

How to Get Rid of Razor Burn

  Shaving can cause skin irritation such as razor burn and bumps. Because razor burn can be extremely uncomfortable and unsightly, it's no wonder that people often want to know how to get rid of razor burn fast. Razor burn is common on recently...

188 Anthropologie - Jewelry

Clip in Hair Extensions - Types of Hair Extensions

I was totally unaware of the vast amount of different hair extensions that available for women until I recently undertook a job designing a website for a client of mine and it has inspired me to write this informative hub for any ladies surfing the...

187 alice + olivia Addison Bow Crop Jacket

How to Use Hot Chocolate for Makeup

Over 10 different ways you can use hot chocolate or cocoa powder as makeup and in DIY beauty products.

186 Love


The best in town and affordable prices.Will come to you!!Singles,French Braids,Cornrolls,Weaves and Sew ins..Perms and Colors too!! Takynia How much is it to get a sew in

185 Zadig & Voltaire ankle boots | Tales Of Endearment

Mens Fashion in the 1920s

Men’s fashion today are to a great extend influenced by mens fashion in the 1920s. Many of you out there might be surprised to know that men’s fashion of that era was almost similar to the men’s business attire today. The 1920s was a period...

184 Ibiza Sunset Orange And Fluorine #

Burn RX Get It Right Now

Doyou experience feeling humiliated whenever you delay your shirt as you have leanand saggy lose body? Do you desire to get saucy and sexy body rather sagging andfatty? Carry out an individual desire to be able to know magic formula at the...

204 Reign brocade gold and red

Hair Extensions

Who doesnt want long luscious beautiful hair? A easy way to achieve this look is by using hair extensions!

203 Cute Flats

The Story Behind The Anne Fontaine Shirt

Brazilian born designer, Anne Fontaine, is known for her brave decision to create a French fashion line of white shirts only for women. Each Anne Fontaine shirt is made from natural fabrics like cotton and poplin, and decorated with gorgeous...

202 14 High Fashion Pieces

Hair Implants For Women

Hair Implants originally were devised in the 1950's to help cover up bald spots on men.  When a man loses his hair their is usually only a section of the head that goes bald.  This is called male pattern baldness.  Women on the other hand usually...

201 work fashion | Work Clothes | Style: Outfits

Treatment for Dry Hair

Around the world, many people with dry hair are looking for its treatment. They spend a lot of money for buying different products, consulting hair experts, and undergoing expensive medications just to resolve the problem they have with their hair....

199 Sparkly Gold & Liquid Eyeliner + White Liner on the inner lid

Are Hair Extensions Worth It?

Hair extensions can add great length and volume to your hair. Hair extensions aren't just for celebrities anymore. Anyone can have them! They are a great way to add length, volume, or make the hair look thicker. Truth be told, I have hair...

198 Christophe Sauvat Malibu Top

When to Use a Nose Hair Trimmer for Women

Did you know that you could buy a nose hair trimmer for women? Yes ladies, there are nose hair trimmers especially designed for you; just make sure to keep it out of your husbands reach though!

197 SO smart! - cut an old sweater sleeve and use as sock look-a-like without the bunchy-ness in your boot... need to remember this for fall!

Choosing Your Gothic Wedding Dress

If you love dark romance, a touch of horror and Victorian stylings, you might like a Gothic wedding dress. Learn what styles, colors and choices create a Gothic style.

196 Clothes Casual Outift for ? teens ? movies ? girls ? women ?. summer ? fall ? spring ? winter ? outfit ideas ? dates ? parties Polyvore :) Catalina Christiano

The Ultimate Guide to Geek Jewelry

One of the best ways to spot fellow geeks (or make yourself easily identifiable by other geeks) is to wear geek jewelry. It acts as a social beacon, drawing in the cool people and looking more or less neutral to muggle-types. Below is an introductory guide to some major geek jewelry options that are readily available online. I hope you find it to be helpful!

195 Great cut

How to treat and heal dry, cracked feet

Dry, cracked skin can be painful. When cracks are present, open-toed shoes and slingbacks are pushed to the back shelf. The feet take the weight of our bodies throughout the day, and the added pressure can cause further splitting of the skin. ...

194 Sultry Black Dress: Fuck That Girly Shit

Reasons To Choose Stretch Jeans

There are many benefits of buying and wearing stretch jeans.Fit and comfort is a couple of the most obvious reasons to wear them. Price,care and other practical reasons also make them a good choice to have withinthe wardrobe. They are readily...

193 I should start thinking about work-acceptable wear as I approach my job hunt. I think I get it: nice pants belt embellished/classy top cardigan.

Wedding Gown Preservation

Awedding gown is a major investment these days, both financial andemotional. It would be a shame to let all that go to waste whencareful handling can help to preserve the gown for the nextgeneration. This is everything you need to know about...

192 Superb color combo

Savage Beauty, The Mythic Exhibition Of Alexander McQueen

The Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibit ran from May 4 – Aug 7, 2011 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Inspiring artists, fashionistas, huge assortments of designers, haute couture reporters and all walks of life, the show...

183 Noir jewelry Crystal Earrings

Looking for a BBS (Baby Butt Shave)? Here are some tips for a close shave

There are many ways to shave your face. Men seem to be an easy target when it comes to marketing "shaving products". I have lost count on the multiple blade count on a disposable razor. And the replacement blades are almost as expensive as the...

182 black necklace

Enhance skin tone with this low cost, natural essential oil

If your skin is dull or dry you can refresh it. Increase your skin's elasticity with a low cost, natural essential oil.

181 This is a very good dress website. (Future sub balls)

Makeup for Tan Skin, Brown Hair, and Blue Eyes

Women with tan skin, brown hair, and blue eyes have a beauty combination of all-American girl and beach girl rolled into one. Celebrities such as Nadia Bjorlin, Adriana Lima, and Elizabeth Hurley are all known for having these features and carrying them off with perfection. Below are makeup tips for tan skin, brown hair, and blue eyes. We will cover makeup tips for eyebrows, foundation and concealer, eye makeup, blush colors, and lip colors.

168 Fall!

Tips for Safely Restoring an Aged or Stained Wedding Dress or Gown

Wedding gown restoration is becoming more and more popular these days. Here are some tips for restoring and cleaning a wedding dress, and some ideas for using your wedding dress in different ways in the ceremony. Restoring a wedding dress has never been easier!

167 #printed #pants #bonprix

Tiaras, Side Combs, Flowers, Hair Clips - The Bride's Guide to Wedding Headpieces

It's your wedding day and you can't afford to miss any detail. Headpieces are the hottest trend in bridal fashion. Where should you go to get the best deals and the latest styles?

166 Kate Bosworth

Celebrity Smokey Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Are you looking for tips on how to get smokey eye makeup for brown eyes? This look rocks and is popular at proms, clubs, nights out on the town, and for evening special occasions.Let the smokey eye makeup looks of actresses Natalie Portman, J-Lo, Nicole Richie, and Eva Longoria inspire you. Smokey eyeshadow makeup is less difficult to achieve than you think. Let's take a look at a few celebrities and how they did it.

165 Gold scale dress

Los Angeles Hair Extensions Expert

Looking for the right place to get your hair extensions in Los Angeles? . So you've decided to take the plunge...you're excited...yet you've heard all of the horror stories and you're scared that you'll end up bald, ugly and a lot poorer when it's...

164 Reese Witherspoon in all white

Making Your Shave Last Longer

Hate shaving everyday or every other day? Tired of those little stubbles and ingrown hairs? Well, I have some simple tips and easy to use items for touchable smooth legs (or what ever else you wish to shave). Now, you want to make sure you have all...

249 artistic purple design bag by FRenee2 Commuter Bags

The Tuxedo T Shirts for Casual Wear

The tuxedo is well known for its taleof wearing the same in two ways. Each way satisfies a different aspect of asocial life though tuxedo has historic origin. The tuxedo t shirts are probablythe most fascinating t shirt designs in todayâ??s...

237 I'm not afraid of heights...have you seen my shoes?

Phillips SensoTouch 3D Electric Shaver Review

Phillips has developed the SensoTouch 3D Electric shaver. Phillips state that it is their most advanced shaver yet. The SensoTouch 3D shaver gives you the ultimate shaving experience. The GyroFlex 3D system follows every contour of your face and...

236 Fabulous fashion great dresses sexy skirts and on trend fashion all under

Cheap And Beautiful Jewelry: Using Stretchy Cord To Make Cute Jewelry

Wearing cute jewelry is fun, but making it yourself is a lot cheaper. Why would any one spend thirty dollars for a few glass or plastic beads on a piece of string?  I guess if you have millions of dollars to spend without discretion that might be a...

205 Holiday outfit! gorgeous! sigh. I need more cardigans. at ...

How To Clean Jewelry At Home

Learn what to use to clean jewelry at home.

180 chic sporty tuxedo pants

Jewelry History - 500 CE to 1500 CE Part 1

Read about the jewelry of the Middle Ages, including Celtic and Anglo-Saxon treasures, like the Tar Brooch and Sutton Hoo treasures. See religious and devotional jewelry of the period. The influence of Byzantine and Iberian gold and silver work.

179 Leather Jacket created by tammylo-12 on Polyvore

The Greatest and Most Important Benefits of Simple Wedding Dresses

Simple wedding dresses are becoming more popular in recent years as many brides are recognizing the benefits in using a simple gown on their wedding day.

178 comfy

Picking the Best Indoor Tanning Lotion

Finding the right indoor tanning lotion can be a little difficult especially for someone who has little or no experience in this whole tanning business. A trip to the cosmetic section of any retail shop would reveal the plethora of tanning lotion...

177 I love!

Kundan Bridal Jewelry

A hub explaining the different types of jewelry pieces belonging to the Kundan Bridal Jewelry set.

176 Dancing In The Moonlight Sandals: Purple

Makeup for Blonde Hair, Tan Skin, and Blue Eyes

Blonde hair, tan skin, and blue eyes is a beauty combination that always turns heads. It is one of most popular and sought after looks in Hollywood. Celebrities like Kate Hudson, Charlize Theron, and Carmen Electra have perfected this look. This hub will give you makeup tips for blonde hair, tan skin, and blue eyes. We will focus on eyebrows, foundation and concealer, eye makeup, and blush and lip colors.

175 The Style Storm + J Crew Herringbone Vest + Target little black dress + Forever 21 booties + Phillip Lim for Target bag

Made-to-Measure Vs Tailored Suits

Custom tailored suits made by a custom clothier are more suitable for men who have a firm grasp of fashion and understanding of their personal style. Made to measure suits are usually known as off-the-rack suits that have been altered and fitted to...

174 #fashion #shoes VIVALUXURY: FULL ON FLORAL

Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

Although laser hair removal is a simple cosmetic treatment, it does need a bit of aftercare in order to get the best results and minimize skin irritation and discomfort. Usually, the recovery time is very short, and you can have a laser hair removal...

173 Outfit - love the jacket!!

About fashion designing

Fashion is a thing which may be defined in different ways and from different perspective. For example we can say fashion is about social status for some people and some others think that it’s the way to express individuality. But fashion is a part...

172 Photos: Mark Shaw's Dior Glamour Photos from the Paris Fashion House's Heyday | Vanity Fair

How to get Tan Skin Quickly

Beyond sunscreen, dermatologists recommend others care for those who want to stay in the shade of the summer: eating carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, beets, papaya, mango, broccoli and spinach. They are rich in beta carotene. The nutrient that is...

171 Armor Lux Women's Mariniere Amiral Fem Jumper - Blanc/Etoile found on Polyvore

H&M bag

They say a woman can never have too many bags. If you haven't heard that phrase before, you haven't been hanging around the right women. Haha. Just kidding. Seriously, though, it's smart (or at least fashion savvy) to have at least a couple handbag...

169 Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen style

The Best Material For Biker Jackets

Whether or not you ride a motorcycle, if you're reading this then you have (at least) thought about biker jackets. Not surprising, the biker jacket look Has managed to hang around for more than 50 years. There is something about it that says that...

163 Elie Saab Bags 2013

Patterns In Fashion

I'm not a big fashionista. Still, skimming the pages of the Wall Street Journal, I came across an article by Christina Binkley entitled "A Pattern Emerges" and discovered something new in the fashion world that intrigued me. In her piece, she...

162 groteleur: Black Swan

Mini Wedding Dresses

Mini wedding dresses make for great fashion statements and great memories on your wedding day. Here are some dress suggestions and tips for wearing a sexy wedding mini dress.

161 comfy and cozy for fall.

TopStyler by Instyler Ceramic Curlers"Seen on TV" $14.99 and 2nd FREE

This is what any girl and women has been waiting for the ultimate hair curler clams. For those days that we women don't know what to do with your hair and don't have time to run to the hair salon and pay $60.00 to $75.00 to do your hair, what...

160 adore

How to Get Tickets to Fashion Week

Find out how to get tickets to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. This article has 6 proven ways to get tickets to the hottest fashion shows.

159 mother of the bride dresses

How To Sell Your Jewelry on Consignment

Is your jewelry box overflowing with Chanel pendants and Tiffany earrings you no longer wear? Have you outgrown that Cartier tennis bracelet, but have no idea what to do with it? Is that Bulgari watch ticking away the hours in your closet drawer? If...

248 Smooth jacket

Wedding Hairstyles and Updo Hairdos

Everyone wants something nice for their special day! Here are some suggestions, pictures and links for beautiful wedding updos and formal hair styles.

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