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204 Chanel Fall 2013 - Details

Platinum History, Jewelry, and Prices

Whenyou hear the world â??platinumâ??, what comes to mind? Platinumweddings, platinum albums, platinum credit cards, and of courseplatinum jewelry. In other words, platinum symbolizes the ultimate inluxury and status. An extremely rare metal,...

203 {fashion | style inspiration : just like a ballerina}

Jackthreads scam

Ok, so if your reading this your wondering what is the deal with this new Jackthreadssite? Is this a scam? Mom told you whatever is too good to be true, is always too good to be true. I'm sure your mom is a smart woman, but in this case she is...

186 Perfect holiday dress

Advice for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Veil

A Wedding veil can transform the simplest dress into a stunning Bridal outfit. Here are some practical guidelines to help you choose your perfect veil.

215 Leather Trim Sweatshirt in Black

Actress Katrina kaif beauty and bio-data

Katrina Kaif Date of Birth : 16 July 1984, London, England, UK Nickname :  Kat Height :   5' 8½" (1.74 m) Kat Biography (which was quoted from one of my favourite wedsite) Kat was born on July 16, 1984 Katrina Kaif is one of eight...

214 On Dollhouse Bettie: NK iMode Easy to Love Black Dotted Mesh Nightgown Set $108.00

Soft Skin With An Aspirin Mask

Do you want to achieve a perfectly smoothed skin and treat acnes orblemishes without spending hundreds of dollars? I want to teach you oneof the most effective ways to treat these problems in an easy and convenientmanner without going to...

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Emerald Rings

Emerald is one of the rarest and most beautiful gemstones with pleasant green color and found in the earth. It has soothing effects on our eyes.Every body loves emerald rings and wishes to have it in their Jewelry collection.

212 Badgley Mischka

Rachel Zoe's "Push Present" Inspired Ring

So recently, I've decided that I wanted to collect different types/kinds of rings. I don't know why I suddenly found myself browsing different kinds of rings over the internet for the past few days. Maybe people are right when they say that as we...

211 black flower print dress

Men's Hairstyles Ideas

Normally we love copying hairstyles of our favourite celebrities or opt to have hair cut of our college-mate, or an office colleague.You adapt any hairstyle that you have recently discovered around you. In past barber shops were motre than enough to...

210 Love the texture of this mesh dress

Flash Sales: A Guide to Designer Sales Online

A guide to shopping flash sale websites to save money on clothing, home goods, travel and wine.

209 Bickley + Mitchell Drawstring Neck Warmer | Nordstrom

Homemade Carrot Face Mask Recipe

If you have rough skin and want it to be moist and havethat glow, how about trying a carrot face pack? This may be the best facial mask for you. Carrot Facial Masks A carrot facial pack is very effective for facial skin restoration and aidsyou...


Engagement Saree and Lahenga

This article is about "how to paint a picture of your whole wedding with bridal clothing". This is the first series of my articles on wedding. This will help you decide on the perfect engagement saree or lahenga colour that will contribute to a harmonious wedding ceremony. Many beautiful pictures of engagement lagenga to inspire you.

207 Abalone Swallow Brooch $15

10 Homemade Honey Beauty Masks

10 homemade beauty recipes using honey.

206 BANGS.

Body Natur hair removal cream for men

Body Natur hair removal cream for men is for easy hair removal with pleasant fragrance. Easy to use, this cream works fast and removes hair without irritating the skin. Thanks to its special composition, the product can be easily removed with...

205 Barbora Bobulova / Coco Chanel

Aquamarine Rings

Amazing aquamarine rings are famous for their calming ocean blue colors and radiant elegance. The soothing hues of an aquamarine ring have been loved for thousands of years.

202 Theres Alexandersson

Alpha Arbutin

For years, the skin whitener of choice worldwide was hydroquinone. But recent developments in science have determined that although this is perhaps the most effective way to bleach skin and make it lighter, there are studies that have shown that...

201 Saint Laurent

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Face/Neck Contour Cream Review

Wrinkle Cream, Face Firming Cream , L'Oreal Revitalift

200 Black and grey for work. NEED THOSE SHOES

A Practical Guide to Stretching your Leather Boots

After looking through hundredsof options, you have finally decided on which pair of cowboy leather boots tobuy. Since you have poured in extra effort in finding the perfect pair, youcannot help but be happy about your choice. However, just like...

192 Twerk #twerk #dance #party #club #night #booty

shaving with straight razor

We all know that shaving with a straight razor is a lost art. This was first introduced in 1680. The concept of this instrument of shaving is very simple. It is made of iron. It can be divided in two parts, blade and case. Blade is made of steel and...

191 If your worrying it is only because you are not trusting God and that you fear things will not turn out your way. Trust God accept the way it turns out as the way God meant it to be. Don't pray for God to take the wheel and then try to hand him a routed map. Trust him to drive you in the right direction and when you get there enjoy the view no matter where you stop.

Buy Shaving Products Online, Give Yourself a 'Barbershop' Shave At Home

Nothing beats a hot lather shave at the barbershop. However, with just a few clicks you can get what you need to have that same experience at home and for a fraction of the cost. Here are the things you'll need: Razor & Blades Shaving Soap ...

190 Urban Decay Naked Palette

I Love St. John Sport Knits - The Elite Designer for Women's Knitwear

What is So Special About ST. JOHN's Knits? Let's begin with the distinctive Santana® knit and then there is the glitz of the sequins (paillettes), then there are the celebrities and world leaders who wear this line and much more! Learn why it is special, see for yourself. Be sure to check out the 22k electroplate buttons and tags (even on their sporty line!).

189 Roberto Cavalli Spring 2014

Japan of Pearls: How They Cultivate Pearls in Japan

The process of pearls production was then well-known. A small bit of sand, as it gets inside a shellfish, irritates the oyster, and the oyster begins to enrobe it with precious layers of hardened mucus. Layer by layer, a beautiful gemstone is formed.Mikimoto's idea was to reproduce this natural phenomenon by making it industrial.

188 Lace

Star Trek Apparel - Buy Star Trek Clothes Online

Star Trek is one of the most beloved franchises of all time; from TV shows, to blockbuster movies, the series has transcended generations and, most importantly, has transcended time. The characters are some of the most endearing, the story lines...

187 We are all trying to find the perfect eyebrows. Don't go for trends but go for what fits your face. We love this look on Camilla Belle. -Roberta Inez

Vintage Wedding Dresses 19th Century -20th Century

vintage wedding dresses from the 19th century to the 20th century. Elizabeth Taylor from Father of the Bride, Queen Elizabeth, and Claudette Colbert.

250 Nude Versace Sandal

Indochino Review - Walker Navy Tweed Suit

My latest - and probably favorite - purchase from Indochino is the Walker Navy Tweed Suit. It is one of those Indochino suits that you have to purchase right away, or it will be sold out within a week. Actually, it had already sold out right when...

247 Strapless A-line with ruffle embellishment satin bridesmaid dress

InStyler hair straightener on african american hair

There are certain products that agree with African American hair. There are products that are not at all effective when used on African American hair. The InStyler Hair Straightener can be used on any grade of ethnic hair. It has been thoroughly...

246 white collared shirt crew neck sweater chunky pearls trousers. classic/dressy/professional fashion cute idea

Best Watches Under $10000

If you belong to the people who are ready to invest whole 10000 dollars on single watches then this article might be right for you. I was surfing the internet looking for some opinions on what people think are the best watches under 10000 dollars. ...

245 Gorgeous

Harley Davidson Watches: A Buyer's Guide

Harley Davidson watches for men and women, have become extremely popular among Harley motorcycle enthusiasts across the world. Harley watch designs embed the Harley name, logo and symbols within the watch face and/or straps. There are classic...

244 Rose gold beautiful.

Jack Threads Legit

So you heard about JackThreads have you? You heard about all the sick deals and all the sick clothes, and you want to know if its some sort of scam or a legit website. I'm here to tell you that we at JackThreads, are no scammers, and as legit as...

242 Yves Saint Laurent' in Love vw this color

Omega Watches

Omega, which is also known as Omega SA, is a highly respected manufacturer of watches, and is one of the most recognised watch brands in the world. Omega was founded and is still based in Switzerland. It was founded in 1848 by a Swiss business...

241 Red Pants + Striped Blazer. Saw a cute one at Sam's maybe I should get it.

Hair Highlights Ideas

If you're looking for a great way to cause out the life in your beard and add some flush lacking getting a full shade job, highlights are what you might necessary. Less of a strong change in your whole look, but achieving sometimes better outcome,...

240 8 mom outfits that go from DAY to NIGHT!

Rolex Watches A Definitive Range Guide

A guide to buying and selling Genuine Rolex watches and how to spot a fake.

239 Unknown Gold Orange And Crystal Bracelet

Get Clean the Filthy Way!

Get your filthy mind out of the gutter...and into a bathtub! Filthy Farmgirl has the perfect recipe for heavenly suds. Getting clean has never felt so dirty!!!

238 Black and red high heels with ribbon

Tips For Mens Cornrow Hairstyles

Tom Kaulitz cornrows hairstyle. Mens cornrow hairstyles are some of the various styles a man can go for on opting for fashionable hairdos. A detailed analysis of this style and the various tips and care are as explained bellow. This hairstyle for...

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How to Quickly Apply Makeup

Find out how to apply makeup that will have you glowing in only 5-10 minutes.

236 Cute Fall Outfit

saree blouse patterns 2

This is another hub which i created for all my fans.As earlier I will present beautiful designer saree blouse patterns and designer sarees in this hub.I hope you all will love to have some beautiful designs for yourself. All the sarees have their...

216 Hondo's Aquabats Costume

Forever Yours Flower Girl Dresses

Walking down the aisle, you couldnâ??t help but think how proud you are of such an accomplishment because you have a perfect wedding. Everything is done exactly how you want it to be. All the specifications and details are efficiently executed. As...

199 Burberry London Mid-length gabardine trench coat

Your Choices For Short Hairstyles For Men

Men are known for their short hairstyles. The good news is that theydon't have to be trapped with the usual crew cut. There are alreadyseveral options for short hairstyles for men. In fact, if you can getthem to look great, you may just be able...

198 Cool idea.

Makeup for Blonde Hair and Hazel Eyes

If you were blessed with hazel eyes and blonde hair, you realize that you have a rare beauty combination. If you want to learn how to play up these looks, read on. This hub gives you makeup tips for blonde hair and hazel eyes, including your best colors for eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick.

197 Floaty Sequin Dress - Lyst

About mens Fashion show and Fashion week

fashion show Considering that this was the first time that India was witness to anexclusive menâ??s fashion week, it was not surprising that it generatedso much media hype. Therefore, there was an impressive list ofdesigners like JJ Valaya,...

196 Creamy Onyx Chemise. This would be even cuter if those boobs weren't 100% CGI.

Men's Cowboy Hats: Sexy Styles

Cowboy hats fall into one of two categories: The ridiculously stupid, and the ridiculously sexy. Unfortunately, most of the men I see sporting these hats are not looking ridiculously sexy.. so you can guess which type of hat they're usually wearing....

195 Maybe my next appt?

Hairstyles For Young Men

Throughout the years, hairstyles for young men have evolved and changed.Today, the styles chosen by young men have evolved and become areflection of their personal style. While many young people areinfluenced by the styles of their favorite star...

194 Summer 2013 Maternity/Pregnancy Fashion by Natalie Bee Photography. How to prep for your maternity session.

The Art of Makeup: Step By Step Makeup Tips for Eyes, Lips and Face

We all want to look beautiful, and this is even truer for women. We have to learn the art of makeup to make ourselves beautiful. Here are some everyday makeup tips for women.

193 Another must have for this fall #fall2013

Women's Celebrity Hairstyles : Short hair or Long hair?

Having trouble picking the right hairstyle length? First lets discuss the main reasons for picking a short hairstyle. Makes your shoulders and neck look great Looks good on women with round faces Looks good on petite women Besides the...

249 H Divided Grey - black hood dress

Laser hair removal back treatments

For most men the biggest problem in removing hair growth at yourback is that they can't reach it. It is almost impossible to reachevery spot on your back. The job itself is very frustrating as it isvery time consuming and it will never get the...

248 You can ALWAYS make a regular scarf an infinity scarf!!!

Liquid Silver Necklace & Jewelry

I had never heard of liquid silver until 2002 when a friend of mine mentioned that she had always wanted a liquid silver necklace. Since Christmas was coming up, I thought I'd search for a nice liquid silver necklace for her online. I found some...

235 Diane Kruger - Fashion Flashback: Embrace The '90s-Inspired Crop Top Trend

Snapback hats are in style again...say what?!

All right, so you like wearing fitted caps and sporting your favorite sports teams, where you're from, or you just plain love hats. Well, you might remember these things called snapbacks. These snapbacks are vintage hats that are pretty awesome and...

234 mint green moccasins

Why are Nike sneakers so popular

This hub hope to explore the question "why are Nikes so Popular" This question has always puzzled me until I dug a little deeper and started to look at Nike's designs and marketing.

233 -This is exactly how I would like to be dressed today!!

Two Types of Acne Scars Treatment

It wouldinterest you to know that there are different types of acne scars that couldhit your face. This would include types like the fleshy, bumpy, flat and thedepressed ones. There are some which would be just a discolouration of yourskin while...

231 Vapor by autumnsbaby on Polyvore

Islamic jewelry for Muslim men

Traditionally Muslim men are only supposed to wear silver jewelry - preferably rings. Gold was reserved for women. The reason a silver ring was allowed was that a man needed a signet ring.

230 gorgeous maxi dress

Tips on Buying Electric Shavers

The compact handheld electric shaver is a merchandise of new-age innovations and leading technologies. The electric shaver permits you salvage a lot more than 50% of the shaving time typically connected with the usage of conventional razors. Usage...

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